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Home-Based Herbal Facial Beauty Treatment

Herbal beauty treatment for the face involves the use of herbs, many of which can be found around us, to cleanse and massage the face and to apply cosmetic pacts. This can be, depending on your aptitude, a fulfilling career or part-time work. It is one of the things that can be easily done from the home, and can be financially rewarding if you put your mind to it and work sincerely.

Getting started

The first thing is to learn about herbs and their use in facial treatment. For this, there is a wide selection of books which can be purchased at any well-stocked book store. Herbal treatments cut across cultures – you can find Western-oriented or Eastern-oriented treatments and these books can cost anything between RM30 to RM80, or even more.

It is suggested that you look at Eastern-based treatments which are more suitable in the sense that the herbs are quite easily obtained, either locally or imported from around our region, and also because such treatment is more suited to our climate.

Once you’ve obtained some books and read up, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to decide whether you really want to go into this. The next step is to get training. Yes, you must be trained in this. Never ever believe that you can pick up knowledge from reading or from friends. This is a serious matter and if you’re not properly trained, you’ll be doing serious damage and bringing untold misery upon yourself.


There are several places one can go for training. Training is in the form of formal classes and practical lessons, either at a beauty salon or its training centre or institution. Once you show some level of confidence, you will start with the simple jobs with customers at the salon or its institute, progressing along as you become steadier and confident. The training can take anything from three to six months.

Check out with the herbal beauty salon in your town. They may offer training. Some will not, preferring to train only those they want to hire, if they’re hiring. Otherwise, they many have addresses of salons that offer training.

Indian herbal beauty treatment

This is the most popular form of herbal beauty treatment, even in Malaysia. It is an ancient science, tested and proven and involves the use of natural ingredients only. There are a good number of centres providing Indian beauty treatment and other forms of Ayurvedic health treatments which are very popular – and lucrative – in Europe and in the United States.

There are salons in all major towns of the country that offer training. Check out the one nearest you on whether they offer training. Some may not, preferring only to train those they hire as staff, so search the Yellow Pages.

Most courses are conducted at two levels. The basic level is the Beauty Therapist Course which is conducted over a period of three to four months, five days a week, with practical lessons at the salon or institute. The fee for this can range from RM2,500 to RM3,200.

Level 2 for the Advanced Beautician Course can take another three months. The combined programme of six to seven months can cost you anything between RM5,000 and RM5,800.

Important: Take your time and check out before you enroll into any programme. You may find cheaper and more suitable courses elsewhere. Ask around and make sure first that the institute is reliable. The key message for you to remember is look before you leap!

You can also check out bank loans for your study programme. Some salons or institutes may also help by recommending you for a loan, if you qualify. The key word is recommend, not provide a guarantee, and only if you meet the requirements.

One such bank providing loans is Bank Rakyat Malaysia, which provides personal loans and the sum loaned is RM10,000 – which should give you the money for the course and starting capital. There are several other banks that provide small loans, so check them out.

Training in India

There are quite a few people who also go for herbal facial beauty treatment courses in India, where there are many salons and institutions providing such training. Again, it is best to check out the suitability of the institution and the syllabus before enrolling.

There are several good salons in Chennai that provide hands-on training, which is usually day-long for five or sometimes six days a week. A basic course there will be over a period of three months and costs between RM1,500 and RM2,000.

However, don’t forget that should you decide to do a programme in Chennai, you will need a return flight ticket (which costs about RM1,300), besides the costs of lodging and accommodation there.

Once trained, and confident that you can handle the job, you are now set to start your home beauty treatment service,

Indonesian traditional beauty treatment

This form of facial treatment is also very popular in Malaysia, especially with the Malays. Training is available at several centres around the country, but as emphasised earlier, you should check out the quality of the training programme and the suitability of the courses before enrolling.

Indonesian or traditional Malay facial/beauty treatments also concentrate on the use of natural or herbal ingredients. There are several around the country, in all the major towns at least, so check them out carefully before you enroll.

The basic course will usually be a two-week intensive programme that costs in the region of RM2,000, but the programme may last longer and the fee slightly higher. Most institutions will train you until you are confident in doing the facial on your own.

Institutes offering Indian herbal or traditional Indonesian beauty treatment training will give you a certificate or diploma upon your successful completion of the training, which you can display for the convenience of your customers. This will greatly enhance your credibility and also give the added confidence to your customers that you are properly trained.

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